What Does art Mean?

perform of artwork - art that is certainly a product of one of many fantastic arts (Specifically a painting or sculpture of creative merit)

(= human endeavour) → Künstlichkeit f; unspoiled by art → unverbildet; are they the products of artwork or mother nature? → sind sie natürlich oder von Menschenhand geschaffen?; her splendor owes far more to art than nature → sie verdankt ihre Schönheit mehr der Kunst als der Natur

expressive design, fashion - a technique for expressing a thing (in language or art or music and many others.) which is characteristic of a selected particular person or group of folks or time period; "all the reporters ended up expected to undertake the type of the newspaper"

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the method of creating drawings and etchings that appear to be carved in lower relief. — anaglyptographic, adj.

three. (Artwork Terms) imaginative skill as placed on representations on the purely natural globe or figments on the creativity

arts and crafts - the arts of ornamental style and design and handicraft; "they sponsored arts and crafts in order to inspire craftsmanship in an age of mass generation"

a spontaneous, intuitive portray procedure developing nonformal work characterized by sinuous lines. Also called Action Painting.

interpret, characterize - produce an image or likeness of; "The painter represented his spouse as a younger Lady"

a brief-lived improvement of Cubism c.1912 that attempted to enliven the initial tactic by subordinating the geometrical sorts and utilizing unmixed brilliant shades. — Orphist, n.

(= skill) → Kunst f; (= physical approach) → Geschick nt, → Kunst f; there’s an art to driving this auto → es gehört ein gewisses Geschick dazu, mit diesem Car zu fahren; there’s an artwork to it → das ist eine Kunst; the artwork of war/governing administration → die Kriegs-/Staatskunst; the artwork of conversation/translation → die Kunst der Unterhaltung/Übersetzung; arts and crafts → Kunsthandwerk nt, → Kunstgewerbe nt

sculpt, sculpture - build by shaping stone or wood or almost every other difficult material; "sculpt a swan outside of a block of ice"

artwork - a exceptional skill you can understand by study and observe and observation; "the art of conversation"; "It truly is fairly an artwork"

art, fine artwork - the goods of human creative imagination; performs of art collectively; "an artwork exhibition"; "a good selection of art"

decalcomania - the art of transfering types from specifically prepared paper into a wood or glass or steel floor

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